Your Handy Guide for Desert Safari Adventure

One of the best tourist destinations, Dubai has a lot for its visitors. Whether you are looking for adventure-filled activities or sightseeing opportunities, you will get everything here. Speaking particularly about adventure-filled activities, nothing comes close to desert safari. This full of action, adventure and thrill journey has earned international acclaim. Tourists from across the globe visit Dubai to enjoy this safari. Due to its growing popularity, many companies now offer desert safari Abu Dhabi services as well.

Having said that, for first-timers, it can prove to be a little overwhelming when it comes to enjoying this safari. To make sure the entire expedition goes in a smooth manner, here’s a handy desert safari adventure guide for you:

What to Wear?

Always remember the fact that what you are going to wear is directly going to impact your desert safari’s experience. You can’t just put on any costume and head out to enjoy this safari. As this trip entails numerous thrilling and action-packed activities, it’s better to dress appropriately. Furthermore, also take into account the country’s hot and humid weather when picking a dress.

The ideal choice is to opt for casual, comfortable clothes. For footwear, choose flip flops, sandals or open shoes. When it comes to accessories, keep them to the minimum. Do not wear expensive jewellery as this is a chance of it getting lost in the sand. Do not forget to wear a hat as it will keep you protected against the harsh sun rays.

what to wear on a desert safari

Packing Guidelines

Many people make the mistake of packing unnecessary stuff with them when heading for desert safari. This is nothing but a nuisance for them since they have to take care of the stuff during the entire expedition. Furthermore, the heavy bag can be difficult to carry at all times. And it can be tough for them to take part in numerous activities such as camel trekking, sandboarding etc., with their heavy bag.

This is why it is recommended to pack as light as you can. Do not carry a single extra item. Only keep essentials that include a hat, hand sanitizer, sunblock, and an adequate supply of medication.


Follow Every Instruction

At the start of the trip, you will have an instructor/guide at your side who will be at your service throughout the safari trip. Make sure that you listen to their every instruction. It will not only keep you safe but make your experience more pleasant as well.

For instance, if you intend to take part in physical activities, you must listen to your instructor. They will guide you on how to drive an ATV quad bike or how you can safely ride a camel.

Choose the Package and Deal Wisely

Different companies offer different desert safari deals and packages. They vary in terms of the time of the safari, activities included, price and facilities. Go through all the packages and deals thoroughly and then pick the best out of the lot that offers maximum value without burning a hole in your pocket. Our recommendation here would be to opt for the VIP/Elite package as it is designed to give the visitor an exceptional experience.

In a nutshell, a desert safari trip can prove to be the best experience of your life, provided you’re doing it right. So, remember to follow the guidelines discussed above to enjoy this trip to the maximum.

desert safari packages

Choose the Timing Wisely

It goes without saying that the summer season tends to be a lot warmer in the UAE. It’s tough to stay outdoors when the weather is humid. Thus, the best time to enjoy the experience of desert safari Abu Dhabi and Dubai is during winters.

The weather is on the pleasant side during winters. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy every activity to the maximum. Apart from the time of the year, it’s also advisable to choose the time of day wisely as well. Our best recommendation would be to pick the evening desert safari. If you can spare a day, then the overnight desert safari would be the best bet. It includes a camping experience that’s going to prove very memorable for you. In case you’re short on time, you can choose the morning safari. This, too, has a lot of fun moments.