How Does A Typical

Dubai Desert Safari Experience Look Like?

Housing a number of attractions, Dubai rightly deserves to be known as a popular vacation destination. From thrilling water-activities to fascinating virtual reality experiences, you can find everything here. However, it’s the desert safari that you must try when in the emirate. Not only in Dubai, but it is also a famous tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi as well.

A lot has been said and written about how this safari offers the best experience. However, not many know how real experience unfolds. So, if you have been planning to take a desert safari trip in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, this is your chance to know about the real safari experience.

A Ride To Remember

The safari starts with picking visitors from their hotels or accommodation. Some companies also self-drive packages. In this package, visitors drive to the campsite in their own vehicles.
The campsite is located away from the main city. Therefore, driving there can be quite a hassle. This is why it is recommended that you select one of the packages that allow you to be seated in a luxury vehicle and driven to the campsite.
The reason why we have called it a ride to remember is that you would enjoy the thrilling action of dune bashing on your way. Furthermore, there will be plenty of sightseeing options during the journey. So, keep your cameras ready and fully charged before you embark on this journey.

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The Campsite

The campsite in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is unlike other campsites that you might have been to. It is fully functional and comes with every facility one can imagine. There’s a bar as well from where you can get any drink of your choice. However, bear in mind that only tea/coffee and water are included in the basic package. You would have to pay extra for any other drink that you purchase at the bar.

Other than that, there are separate toilets for men and women. Camps at the site are properly sanitized and regularly cleaned. Those who have taken overnight deals are provided with a neat and clean camp that has comfortable blankets and a sleeping bag.

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Activities for Adventure Lovers

Desert safari trip companies highly publicized activities they offer as part of deals and packages. Before I had taken this trip myself, I always thought that these activities are overhyped. However, after enjoying this trip, I can certainly vouch that they deserve every bit of the hype they have received.

Right from dune bashing to ATV quad riding and camel trekking, every activity offers is unparalleled in terms of excitement and adventure. Do not miss out on them even if you have to pay extra. While you are at the campsite, you can also enjoy dune buggy riding, hot air ballooning and sandboarding. It is important to note that not all companies offer these activities. Therefore, you must do your research before selecting the best desert safari trip operators.

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Entertainment Guaranteed

Contrary to the popular belief, a desert safari experience is not only about action and adventure. There’s much more to this unique journey. You can also unwind and relax during this trip and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

For the entertainment of guests, companies usually organize different shows such as fire shows, Tanoura shows etc. Furthermore, there are performances of trained belly dancers as well. You can get mesmerized by these performances and shows while enjoying the famous, Arab-style smoke “shisha”.


A Delicious Dinner

You just can’t discuss the desert safari experience without mentioning the delicious dinner that is served at the campsite for guests. It is basically a three-course meal with authentic Arab delicacies. There’s a variety of starters, main course items and delicious desserts. The best part here is that offers for both veg and non-veg food lovers are available.

To sum it up, a desert safari experience, without any doubt, can prove to be the most memorable one of your life, provided you have selected the right company and you are surrounded by the right people. Want to know more about this trip and the packages we offer? Get in touch with us right away.